The One Thing

Can you suggest any home improvement tips or recommendations for homeowners to consider when looking to make such a major investment?

Randy Harding

A major tip that customers need to be aware of is that it’s a huge financial obligation for them and they need to have confidence they have a team that’s going to manage that budget, to give them the finished product that they expect.

Chris Shoemaker 

I think there are a couple tips that come to mind when a homeowner is looking to work with a contractor, regardless of the project.

You need to look up and make sure that obviously, that company is licensed and insured. I think as a homeowner, you want to believe that’s a given, but it isn’t always the case. We deal with several projects where Everest is coming behind a company that wasn’t able to complete the project. So, we help the customer out and get that project across the finish line. In starting a project with a contractor, you definitely want to look and make sure that that that contractor is licensed, insured, and that your contract is thorough–that it has everything in there regarding the details you want and that you feel comfortable and confident with the company to complete the project.


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