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Being A GAF Certified Roofer Matters

Everest Home Improvement is the premium roofing company in Springfield Virginia. We have been continually trained by GAF Materials Corporation in the latest roofing techniques, installation, product knowledge, and awareness.

If you need roofing services, Everest Home Improvement is the roofing contractor of choice due to our experience and our use of weather rated products with the roofing system warranty.

Below we have detailed all the product and warranty information needed to research the GAF Roof system and its unparalleled reliability. There is a reason they are the #1 selling shingle in North America.

How Do You Know You Need A New Roof?

Perhaps you are unsure as to whether you actually need a new roof, and are looking for a professional opinion from a roofing company in Springfield VA. Do you need roof repair or a full roofing replacement? Generally speaking, there are some obvious signs that your home needs a new roof.

Here Are Common Signs That You Need A New Roof

  • A Leak in the Attic

After a strong storm or wind-driven rain, take a look in the attic for signs of leaking. It could indicate damaged shingles, inadequate underlayment or deteriorated flashing.

  • Blistering or Peeling Interior or Exterior Paint

Moisture trapped in the house due to poor ventilation can cause exterior paint to peel and blister.

  • Stains on Interior Ceilings and Walls – Mold or Mildew Growth

Stains, or worse, mold, can be caused by leaks from outside the house or moisture trapped inside.

  • Exterior Decay in Sheathing and/or Siding

Excess moisture can also contribute to decay.

  • Missing, Cracked, or Curled Shingles

Dry, cracked, or easily broken shingles have reached the end of their useful life, and it’s time to invest in a new roof.

  • Dark, Dirty-Looking Areas on your Roof

Vegetation, fungus, mold, or algae growth can cause dark stains on your shingles. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need a new roof, but if you do choose to replace your shingles, ask for StainGuard protection, which is available on many GAF Shingles, including: Timberline Cool Series Shingles, Timberline Natural Shadow Shingles, Timberline ArmorShield II Shingles, and Timberline Ultra HD Shingles.
(StainGuard protection is available only on shingles with StainGuard -labeled packaging. See GAF Shingle & Accessory Ltd. Warranty for complete coverage and restrictions.)

  • Excessive Energy Costs

Inadequate ventilation can possibly drive up your household cooling costs by trapping hot air in the attic. Attic moisture can also drip into your insulation, reducing its effectiveness.

You cannot begin any roofing project without a customize roof estimate, so contact Everest Home Improvement today to request your free quote. We offer contactless/virtual quotes, that are accurate and quick. We look forward to providing more information for your roofing needs.

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What Is A GAF Roofing System? Is It Better Than A Non-GAF Roofing System?

A GAF Roofing System is way more than just shingles! Learn more about the complete GAF Lifetime Roofing System, including quality GAF shingles and components. Installed in a system, they help protect your most valuable investment, your home. Below are the 6 main components of a GAF roofing system.

Main GAF Roofing System Components

Lifetime Shingles

GAF offers you many great Lifetime Shingle choices, including Timberline Shingles with Advanced Protection Shingle Technology.

Cobra Attic Ventilation

Helps remove excess heat and moisture from your attic that can raise your energy bills, cause premature peeling of interior paint and wallpaper, and even affect your health.

Roof Deck Protection

Allows moisture to escape from your attic while providing an exceptionally strong layer of protection against wind-driven rain. Also, lies flatter for a better-looking roof.

Starter Strip Shingles

Saves time, eliminates waste, and reduces the risk of blow-off…and may even help qualify for upgraded wind warranty coverage (see GAF Shingle & Accessory Ltd. Warranty for details).

Leak Barriers

Provides exceptional protection against leaks caused by roof settling and extreme weather. Ideal upgrade at all vulnerable areas (including at the eaves in the North*).

Ridge Cap Shingles

Ridge Cap Shingles enhance the beauty of your home while guarding against leaks at the hips and ridges.