Everest Works Through Supply Chain Issues

Having to stay home more in the past two years has led many people to reconsider their homes and what they might want to do to improve or alter what their home needs to be for them. These changes/upgrades might include places for their children to study, home offices, kitchens, bathrooms, or additional storage.

While there has been a marked increase in people looking to renovate and upgrade their homes, the longer-term ramifications of the pandemic are apparent anytime you head to the hardware store for supplies or to the grocery store for the items we all used to take for granted would be there on the shelfs.

We hear all about “supply chain” issues and a lack of people willing to work at certain jobs in the numbers needed to make things operate efficiently.

This all has had a trickle-down effect on everything from plastic bottles for water to appliances to furniture to power tools to paint, cabinetry, tile, windows and more. What might have been available in mere weeks now can take several months in some cases.

The accompanying labor shortage has also exacerbated the conditions as there just is not enough qualified and trained people to manufacture the goods, workers at ports to unload the items from ships, or drivers to deliver the goods where they need to go. This labor shortage has also affected the construction business, where keeping up with building demand means some 740,000 new workers per year for the next three years will need to be hired, according to a report by the Home Builders Institute that used NAHB’s analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

The good news for customers of Everest Home Improvement is that we have assembled some of the best install and construction crews on the eastern seaboard. Looking to get your roof replaced or add Hardie-Siding to your home? We can install most every kind of roof and/or most every color and composition of Hardie-Siding within one-to-two weeks.

We also have first-rate construction crews available for your home improvement/renovation projects.

While time-sensitive customers looking to renovate quickly may have limited product options available because of extended lead times, we will do what we can to make the best of this situation and “Make You Smile” throughout the project. The ever-changing availability of certain products means we will offer you alternative selections if there is going to be a delay longer than expected. Your Everest project manager will communicate with you often to ensure you know what selections can be installed and when and where a second-choice might need to be considered.

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